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HAVEN is a non-religious social enterprise and a training restaurant for vulnerable young adults from orphanages* and safe shelters, as well as underprivileged young adults from very rural poor areas. By teaching these young people quality work skills as well as important life skills, we support thesm in their transition from institution to real world as well as giving them a chance to step out of the poverty cycle. 

We first opened in 2011 in the Old Market area in Siem Reap‘s town center. During the four years at our first location we could accept a total of 25 disadvantaged young adults to do the vocational training.

With the increasing demand for training places, but with lease prices skyrocketing in the center, we moved our HAVEN Training Restaurant to a bigger, more special and more beautiful new space in the Wat Damnak area in December 2015. Here we can take in and train more students, create more secure jobs for employees and welcome more guests.

HAVEN is run by 2 dedicated Swiss people, 1 Cambodian Head Chef and around 20 wonderful employees (the HAVEN Family). These are all beautiful people either acting as teachers & mentors, helping us train the trainees or making sure everything runs smoothly in the restaurant.

Each year we take in around 15 trainees, who we train and teach on a daily basis.

In addition to the work training and the life skills workshops we also take financial responsibility of all our trainees and provide them with protected and guided shared housing, meals, medical care and a monthly training allowance. Furthermore we offer them English and computer lessons.


*(HAVEN does not support any orphanages. Our focus is set solely on supporting the young adults coming from there and helping them in their transition.)

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