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HAVEN Training Restaurant

Chocolate Rd, Wat Damnak area
West of Angkor High School
Siem Reap, Cambodia

+855 78 34 24 04 (local number: 078 34 24 04)

We do not accept credit or debit cards. Cash only please (US Dollar and Cambodian Riel). 

Directions from the Old Market

- Cross the bridge and walk/drive down 7 Makara Street (also known as High School Road) towards the Angkor High School, passing Hard Rock and the TOTAL Gas Station
- Right after Noi Cafe turn right onto a small road along the west wall of the high school (there is a HAVEN direction sign attached to the school property wall).
- Walk/drive down this road for about 100m. HAVEN is on your right. 


Important: Chocolate Rd is not the official name and also not well known. In fact most streets in Siem Reap don't have names or only invented ones by their residents or due to special landmarks. So most tuk tuk drivers will not know 'Chocolate Rd' and unfortunately many can't read maps. That is why we recommend you write down our phone number and print this map, so you can show your driver the Khmer directions and in case he still has a problem finding us, he can give us a quick call. 



Monday–Saturday, from 11.30am–2.30pm (kitchen closes)
(restaurant closes at 3pm)  

Monday–Saturday, from 5.30pm–9.30pm (kitchen closes)
(restaurant closes at 10pm)  

Sunday all day

The restaurant will be exceptionally closed
- Special Training Weeks, from 13.05.-02.06.2019 (we open again on 03.06.2019 at 5.30pm)
- Family Outing, from 21.-23.06.2019 (we open again on 24.06.2019 at 5.30pm)


Please note that we are not available by phone on Sundays. We do however check our emails, but not as frequently as during business hours. Thank you for your understanding.

Please note that we cannot accept damaged US Dollar notes (ripped, torn, faded and/or worn). For more information about money in Cambodia, please click here or google 'torn bills cambodia'. 


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