Being Sustainable

«Our thoughts, words and day-to-day actions paint the world around us.»

Everything we do; from our carefully selected ingredients and environmental initiatives, to our social responsibilities, is based on compassion and sustainability.

We work smart and hard for the good of our guests, each other and our community. We support local organisations and farmers that offer high-quality products and are committed to the healthy and safe development of Cambodia. 

We are mindful of our impact on the environment. Because our commitment to provide young adults with a better future also includes reducing our environmental footprint and helping to sustain a healthy planet.

1. Refuse. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

In everything we do and when we have a choice, we imply these 4 r’s. 

Where ever possible we have replaced single-use plastic: our take-away boxes, spoons and bags are 100% biodegradable, we only use metal reusable straws and we do all our shopping with boxes and custom made linen bags, instead of using plastic bags. 

We donate our used cooking oil to Naga Earth, who turns it into bio diesel, which we buy back from them to run our generator.

We are doing our best to minimise the use of electricity and water, which we handle as a natural precious resource. We are using efficient bulbs where we can.

We separate all of our waste so that the organics get eaten by pigs or are composted for our organic garden, the reusables get reused, the recyclables get recycled.

2. Local and whenever possible also organic

Our tofu and our coconut milk are organically grown and made by trusted local farmers. Furthermore we use as many vegetables and fruits as possible that are either from our own organic garden or which are locally grown (and whenever possible organic) from reliable farmers. 

At HAVEN we also put much value on supporting and working with local social enterprises and NGO’s who share our values and put just as much effort into making this planet an environmentally and socially better place.

3. Last but not least: Education

«The most important task, if we are to save the earth, is to educate.»

Sir Peter Scott, Co-Founder of the WWF

We continuously train our HAVEN Family, teaching them the meaning and importance of these practices and encouraging and supporting them to do the same at home and in their free time.

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