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«The meaning of life is to give life meaning.»

The whole concept of HAVEN is to be as self-sustainable as possible. This means that simply by dining here and/or buying our merchandising articles, you are directly supporting our training program and securing good and well paid jobs for our trainees, teachers and employees.

To cover all the expenses for the training program we do however need to rely on DRAGONFLY – A PROJECT FOR CAMBODIA’S YOUTH, the Swiss non-profit organisation behind HAVEN. 

Donations made to Dragonfly go directly and to 100% into HAVEN’s vocational training program; covering all trainee related expenses, the special training weeks (where the restaurant stays closed) and securing the program during the tourism off-season.

If you wish to continue to support HAVEN, and transform lives from home, please visit our Swiss founded non-profit

We thank you very much for your support.