The HAVEN Cookbook

The new edition of our HAVEN cookbook “Cooking for a Cause” is now available.

For the new edition, the HAVEN team in Siem Reap has revised the text, created a beautiful new design and added six new recipes.

“Cooking for a Cause” is a cookbook featuring the most popular dishes from the HAVEN menu, as well as Chef Pardet’s personal favourites for cooking at home.

What’s inside

The book contains a total of 40 recipes, each with a full-page photo, an introduction to ingredients that are not always familiar in countries outside Asia (and how to substitute them), as well as personal insights into our love for Cambodia, the HAVEN story and the culinary journey of HAVEN’s Head Chef Pardet.

Language: English
Binding: Hardback
Length: 142 pages
Weight: 628 g
Format: 17.6 cm x 25 cm

Where can you buy it?

You can buy our cookbook off the shelf here at HAVEN Training Restaurant in Siem Reap for USD 34 or

you can order it from our Dragonfly Association in Switzerland.
The book sells for CHF 50 (which goes 100% to HAVEN) and they can ship anywhere. Please visit the Dragonfly page for more information.

Our cookbook is also available from Shop Satu in Siem Reap for USD 36.
They deliver within Cambodia. They can also ship abroad, but the Cambodia Post charges are extremely high (postage for a book to Singapore is USD 25, to Australia or Canada USD 50, to the USA USD 80).